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Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa Essential Oil

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Tatha’s Palmarosa Essential oil brings in a soothing aroma to help you relax. Its very essence can help your mind loosen up from stress and even supports conditions like depression, anxiety, nervousness, and even grief.

Palmarosa Essential Oil can also be used as a spiritual aid, by helping in balancing negative emotions and focusing on the positive. The Palmarosa diffuser oil also acts as a brilliant insect repellent.


Tatha’s Palmarosa Essential Oil comes in the most exotic packaging, exploiting all benefits of the natural ingredient within its tube. From the depths of nature, Vedic Collection brings forth diffuser oil promising supreme results.

Palmarosa can be recognized from afar for its pleasant smell. With every sniff of your breath, you can feel yourself elevating to an aesthetic dimension. Due to the presence of geraniol in the oil, it in itself acts as a medicinal assistant for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory factors.

Additionally, it is known to remove dead cells and contribute greatly to hair care but what it primarily excels in is boosting the mood by unlocking the positive energy of the tired mind.

 How to Use?

  1. You can use Tatha’s Lemongrass Essential Oil by putting it in an aroma diffuser.
  2. Blend it with a carrier oil (preferably Coconut Oil) and apply it on the skin.
  3. Add 5-6 drops to the bath and have a relaxing cleansing.


Don’t use essential oils undiluted on the skin, instead, it should be combined with a mild carrier oil. Keep out of reach of children, and if you’re pregnant or nursing, definitely consult your doctor first. You should also do a patch test to check in case of an allergy.

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