Our Philosophy

Tatha uses the concepts of regenerative medicine to stimulate the Dhatvagni. The body only responds to tissue repair, healing and regeneration that happens naturally when the body experiences distress. Tatha tackles the body from within, with its wide range of unisex skincare products, to activate internal healing.  

As opposed to modern medicine and skincare that focuses on removing and destroying the negativities of the body, Tatha accelerates and motivates the production of positive, healthy and productive cells. It thus ensure an increase in the level of internal harmony and immunity.

While many herbal and Ayurvedic products have been available in the market, viscosity, packaging, and adding preservatives to increase the shelf life, has resulted in depletion of its effects. Marketing strategies have made them competitive too, having launched ‘natural foundations’ and ‘vegan concealers’ to young men and women who are looking for easy fair skin without the guilt.

Tatha was born to replicate the luxurious experience of the vedic times. Tatha means ‘more’, and it invokes, questions, and pushes your body to further its development. A holistic, well-being brand, brings to you nature in a bottle, to help you heal and become the best version of yourself.

Tatha was birthed not to prove to the world that natural products could be just as ‘effective’, or as ‘quick’ as chemically made products- no. It was started to help people cleanse and restart their cell cycle in a manner that brought them closer to nature, closer to improvement, and closer to their own beauty.

Tatha delves into skin care, hair care, and body care to bring you more at peace with yourself, and to help you reach your full potential. You were gifted with your body for a reason. Now, it is time for you to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate the skin cells from within, and perhaps, then ask your body-

“Now what else?”