Our Visionary


Divita Kanoria, in 2009 treads on a path that no one had explored before. Instead of on increasing the negative actions in the body such as removal and destruction of blemishes and flaws, she explained to the world how everybody needed to heal instead. 

Men and women alike, of all ages and races, need to increase the level of positivity and harmony inside their bodies to help motivate and encourage outer health and beauty. She accepted the fact that her products showed no immediate effects on the skin.

In fact, even after years of use perhaps, the user would not magically turn into Nakula or Maneka. She generalised her products, and quite truthfully, believed only this:

“We all need to heal. For the toxins we consume, it’ll take time, but the effects will show. We’re all made of cells and particles that are blemished to their base- there is no use of dividing beauty anymore. Gender, Age, Race? We’re all bodies! That’s what we need to tackle.”