Why tatha products?

Tatha is growing every day to meet the needs of modern people. We are constantly

evolving to give our clients the perfect solution to every issue. Our brand also flaunts its

Vedic roots and chemical-free products. But why should one choose natural over chemicals,

and why Tatha over the others? Let's take a walk down the ancient scriptures to understand


The Veda written over 5000 years ago, has a different notion of beauty than what we see

today. It classifies the beauty of a person into three aspects, one being Roopam, the outer

beauty. It defines beauty as radiant, having a glowing complexion, and flowing shiny hair. The

second category is Gunam, dealing with inner beauty; the values, and the principles of one.

Finally, Veda describes the third aspect of beauty as long-lasting or the very idea of looking

younger and beautiful. This is termed the vayastyag.

As we scroll up ahead to the pages of the Mahabharata, we come across Draupadi, whose

beauty is described through her dark skin with a radiant glow. The Veda sees beauty not in

colour nor symmetry, but in art. Beauty in the Vedic system has always been closer to a

mystique feeling that unclogs all senses. Such is the beauty described in ancient

scriptures, which puts anyone in a trance with a single look.

To attain this beauty, ancient skincare never dealt with chemicals. Nature was their only

resource and they made the most out of it. Skincare back then we're rituals, where one was

bathed with herbs and other natural ingredients, which in return would rejuvenate the skin to

redeem that radiance, the glow– the Lavanya that is so talked about–back into the skin.

Vedic methods do not simply cover up blemishes but also eradicate the problem, from the

very root. They dig deep on a cellular level to remove dead and damaged skin and give you

a refreshing start. With natural ingredients, we do not need to worry about hiding, for it

enhances your natural skin and brings forth the everlasting beauty that all the manuscripts


Tatha upholds the values of Vedic skincare. It digs deep into it to provide quality products,

each blended to deliver these values with maximum effectiveness. It uses ingredients like

Ashwagandha or Haldi, does not simply contribute to glowing skin like most

products. These herbs serve the role of healing severe skin issues including leprosy.

The extensive use of the ingredients used in Tatha products is briefly described in the Veda.

Each ingredient is backed up by Vedic knowledge, to provide not only the best, but also the

most promising products to complete your skincare ritual.