Our Brand Story

A life experience can sometimes lead to the creation of something new and unique. One such experience gave birth to Tatha, a natural skincare brand. Tatha was never an impulsive idea. It was born out of intense thoughts brought out by waves that life threw towards the founder of the establishment, Divita Kanoria.

A near-death experience made Divita realise the uncertain tides of emotions that anyone waiting outside the ICU felt. Somehow, there never seems to be any prescription for that. They are expected to heal on their own, entrusted to the magic of time. The only solution Divita could find for herself and those around her was complementary medicine.

She started acquiring more knowledge about various complementary fields, but this posed a bigger challenge for her as it was not as prevalent back in the day. Despite this, she refused to give up and decided to trust the process, hoping to find out as much as she could about the different healing techniques.

Divita held on to herself; embarking on her new journey to finding the answers she had been seeking. On her path, she met with several people, interacted with them, and learned something or the other from each of them.

As she came across the vast sea of knowledge about complementary medicines, what truly intrigued her the most was aromatherapy; especially because of how vital essential oils are to this form of complementary medicine. Completely taken into the art of aromatherapy, Divita had found her calling and like a sign from the universe, she even met with her guru in Delhi around the same time. For the next year, Divita devoted herself to learning about aromatherapy from her guru.

Gaining expertise in the art, Kanoria began preparing potions for her friends and family, marking the first successful step towards the business she would build in the near future. But before that, Kanoria came face to face with yet another devastating turn of life as her deteriorating health left her bedridden for almost two years. Her husband became her support and encouraged her to start her brand. Naturally, she was taken aback. Starting a brand with no prior marketing knowledge made her reluctant, but Divita Kanoria was never a woman to give up without even trying.

This is where Tatha began– it started with Divita Kanoria – still battling the adversity of her health– who sat down to build a world of healing from scratch. Kanoria was a one-man army where she made the oils, labelled them, packed them, and did everything on her own.

Initially, Tatha strictly dealt with aromatherapy. But Mrs. Kanoria decided to study more about natural skin care through the Vedas. Once she had gathered more knowledge, she revisited her brand and dived deep into making pure skin care products derived from formulas mentioned in the old manuscripts. However, she made her improvisations to ensure that the products created by Tatha went hand in hand with the present-day lifestyle

Tatha began decades ago– or at least its ideas did. The brand in itself is an inspiring story. With time, the brand has seen both downfall and evolution. What started as a dream and passion is now a growing phenomenon of natural skincare to promise a healthier lifestyle. Today, Tatha generates pure and natural routines for the skin, devoid of any chemicals, born from ancient roots and built with contemporary ways to meet modern needs.