Social Responsibility

Tatha's main approach is "natural" skincare. Most ingredients are derived directly from nature, and respecting the environment is our priority. We take pride in being adamant followers of sustainability and thrive to build products that are equally safe for the environment as they are for the skin, far from any chemical additives. To ensure our promise to build a sustainable earth, we opt for ways that minimise wastage and promote cleanliness in the working environment. We also make use of the Infinity Jar Packaging to increase a product's shelf life and minimise its dependency on chemicals. We currently also work on reducing the use of plastic as much as possible and promoting recycling of packaging to our customers. As a skincare brand, we devote ourselves to serving our clients the best and giving back to nature for being the base of our resources concerning taking sustainable actions.
                 We are transparent, We are ethical, and We are Sustainable!