Our Core Values

Tatha believes in Innovation. We take ancient methodologies as inscribed in the Vedas and bring in a positive change to fit the modern lifestyle and mindset. Tatha believes in Healing. From the physical to the mental, Tatha seeks to heal all scars with the utmost care of natural ingredients.
Tatha believes in being Gender Neutral. We serve all, eradicating any barrier of genders. Our products are designed to fit most skin types and developed keeping them in mind. Tatha is Dynamic. The world is constantly changing and so is Tatha, to fit the needs of the moving world.
Tatha believes in being Comfortable. We build products that can help you feel yourself and give you the confidence of walking out without holding back. Tatha is Experimental. Tatha has come a long way to develop every product– processing them through multiple rounds of experiments just to ensure the guaranteed best results.
Tatha believes in being Minimal. Rather than using different products for the same problem, we develop products that serve multiple purposes. It's exactly as simple and easy to use! Tatha is Interactive. We are always open to hearing back from our customers. Customer queries are important to us and we respond to them with clarity– providing the time to invest in listening to them.
Tatha believes in taking Accountability. We face the situation, owning up to the problem, finding solutions, and ensuring the necessary measures are taken. You can count on us.
Tatha believes in being Transparent. We lay down our ingredients with nothing to hide. Our valued customers need to know what they are using instead of trusting empty words.
Tatha believes in being Environment conscious. Without any chemical use, we offer natural products that are built through environment-friendly methods.
Tatha believes in being Contemporary. Traditional ways hold the base yet Tatha continues to accept the realities of the modern day. Thus, we develop contemporary products of skincare, offering the best of the old and the new.
Tatha believes in the Philosophical Approach to Skincare. We go beyond just physical caring and try to take on a more philosophical approach to help our customers feel valued to heal not only their body but also their mind and soul.