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Ittar - Mitti

Ittar - Mitti

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The essence of Mother Earth is exclusively blended for Tatha using the earth’s abundant bounty, spices and potent essential oils. The heritage of Indian values and the wisdom of the Vedas. A rich fragrance of the first rain, as monsoons arrive and splash life upon the parched desert, baked in the sun by the elements. 


Indulge your senses with the captivating scent of Mitti Ittar fragrance, an enchanting blend of nature and tradition. Handcrafted with care and expertise, this unique fragrance captures the essence of the earth, evoking memories of the first raindrops on dry soil, the warmth of the sun after a summer shower, and the freshness of dew-kissed grass.

 Our Mitti Ittar fragrance is meticulously distilled from the finest quality clay, sourced from the heart of India, using traditional methods passed down through generations. The result is a captivating aroma that embodies the purest form of nature's beauty, encapsulated in a bottle.The rich, earthy scent of the Mitti Ittar fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and seek a truly unique fragrance. Its warm and grounding notes make it a perfect choice for both men and women, and it can be worn for any occasion, be it a casual day out or a special event.

 The versatility of our Mitti Ittar fragrance doesn't end with personal use. It can also be used to infuse your home with its captivating scent. Simply add a few drops to a diffuser or mix it with water and spray it around your living spaces to create a serene and inviting atmosphere that will leave your guests mesmerized. With its long-lasting scent and unique character, our Mitti Ittar fragrance is a valuable addition to your fragrance collection. Each bottle comes in beautifully designed packaging that reflects the elegance and authenticity of this traditional perfume, making it a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Experience the magic of the earth with our Mitti Ittar fragrance and embark on a sensory journey that will transport you to the serene beauty of nature. Embrace the richness of tradition and indulge in the captivating aroma of this exquisite fragrance.


Base oil sandal, essential oils of flowers and herbs

How to use:

Use roll-on to apply a very small amount on "pulse" points.

Do not use on open wounds or open skin. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes. or external use only.

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