About Tatha

Since time immemorial, man has learned from the laws of nature to survive, protect, and heal. Tatha's inspiration comes from the ages-old Vedas, who took a profound interest in the human origin and later built scientific formulas directly from nature to heal the human body. We believe in the natural way of life and blend our products using Vedic methods to suit the modern lifestyle. This is Tatha, where we offer specific ingredients, to heal and repair skin issues at the cellular level all the while fighting modern-day pollutants. Tatha is an upgrade, an ultimate natural solution to every man-made problem. Derived from nature, man has built and innovated itself to what we call the 'modern society' yet, the history remains the same and so is also the case with Tatha. Tatha holds its Vedic roots tight and ties them to modern-day skincare to bring about the innovation required to fit today's environment. We join hands with both traditional and scientific ways to give you the best of both worlds. We, at Tatha, hold strict beliefs when it comes to healing people. We believe not only in the healing of physical wounds but also in mental, emotional, and spiritual scars. Tatha comes beyond the physical spectrum to heal these invisible scars through its products, each thriving to help one grow and lead a healthier lifestyle. In an era of chemical lies, Tatha believes in offering results over promises, precautions over cures, and scientific solutions over opinions.