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Saffron Skin Elixir Serum

Saffron Skin Elixir Serum

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Saffron Skin Elixir 

This lightweight yet powerful saffron skin elixir is the quintessential nightly ritual to nourish and regenerate the damaged layers of the skin.

Size: 15 ml


The hand-blended elixir using an ancient Vedic formula of over 43 natural exotic plant extracts leaves the skin nourished and radiant. Harnessing the power of Saffron that is known to clear spots and lighten the skin tone, the Saffron Skin Elixir enhances your complexion, and leaves it soft, luminous and evenly toned. The Saffron Skin Elixir has moisturizing extracts that penetrate deeper, leaving you radiating all day long.

Its unique properties can over a period of time help fix black spots, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, and even dark circles. Dry, Flaky Skin is left dewy soft, luminous, and evenly toned as pigmentation gently fades and fine lines diminish due to its moisturizing properties.

Key Ingredients –

Kashmiri  Saffron, Mulethi, Chandan, and Sesame Oil, Khas (Vitiveria zizanoides), Raktchandan(Pterocarpus santalinus), Laksha (Tachardia lacca), Neelkamal (Nymphaea nouchali),Kamal keshar (Nelumbo nucifera), Agnimanth (Premna integrifolia),Brihti(Solanum indicum), Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum)

How to Use -

Step 1: Wash face with Tatha Tonka Beans Face Wash.

Step 2: Take 1-2 drops of TATHA saffron Oil.

Step 3: Gently massage the clean face at night using upward strokes

Why TATHA Saffron Oil?111

  • Repairs skin at a deeper cellular level
  • Restores radiance and even tone skin
  • Minimizes fine lines and signs of aging
  • Relieves dark circles
  • Repairs pigmentation
  • Naturally derived


  • Is Saffron Oil For Skin Brightening ?

It transforms the skin tone by rejuvenating the skin cells and promoting blood circulation, it brightens the complexion.

  • Is Saffron Oil For Healing from Skin Infections?

Yes, skin conditions like blemishes, and certain kinds of bacterial or fungal infections as it provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Is Saffron Oil for Regulating Oiliness?

Saffron Oil is perfect for unclogging pores, taming oily skin and preventing acne balancing oiliness and preventing breakouts.

  • Is Saffron Oil suitable for sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin, patch testing is recommended. Start with less quantity for a shorter duration and gradually increase it.

  • Can I apply Saffron Oil during day time?

Due to the presence of real Saffron, Saffron oil is not suitable for use in the daytime. If used during the day, there is a high chance of getting a tan.

  • How long does it take for Saffron Oil to start showing results?

You need to apply the oil regularly for at least two weeks to see results.

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Highly recommend

Go for it. It helped me a lot.


It definitely improved my skin Quality