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Herbs, oils, flowers and roots have been used extensively all around the world to accelerate the healing process of the mind, the body, and the spirit. Perfumes were first created in Egypt (primarily) as an accessory to beauty. Soon after, Aromas and scents were used for therapy and muscle development. They started to wear huge cone like hats, which would give off soft perfumes with the heat of the sun, giving a relaxing effect.

The ‘Far east’ has been great advocators of the power of plants. The royalties shared great lands with the forests and gardens, and often, even in the days of summers, found themselves strolling in the open to soak in the power and nurturing energy of the environment.

The harmonious bond between the people and their plants was like that of a man and his pet. They would relax with the flowers and the leaves, and converse with their lands to balance their minds. Not too long after, Attars and incense sticks were invented to bring to those who were far from the forests, the natural essence and positive energy of the plants.

Aromatherapy was officially invented in France in the 1800’s, but there was no looking back soon after. Used all over the world as a therapy and a risk-free medicinal branch, Tatha offers a wide range of essential oils to bring you back to the healing power of nature.