Massage Oil Jasnilla

Jasmine and Vanilla

Luxurious & sensuous massage oil of jasmine and vanilla, in a base of Organic Almond & Seabuckthorn Oil, helps relax the mind and body.
The combining properties of all the essential ingredients make it an expectorant, antispasmodic and meditative oil and is an excellent tool for producing long, comfortable, and peaceful sleep at night.

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Product Description

A wonderfully indulgent oil extracted from the flowers of Jasmine, it is one of the most powerfully soothing and exotic oils available. This exquisite oil blend works like a miracle in restoring skin from loss of moisture and dullness. Revitalizing and nourishing to the body, it is quickly absorbed and smells as incredibly fresh as it sounds. Vanilla Absolute calms the mind to encourage relaxation which acts as an expectorant and antispasmodic making it an excellent tool for producing comfortable and peaceful sleep at night. Our Massage Oil proves to be really effective for a number of health conditions like lowering heart rate, stabilizing blood pressure, lowering temperature, easing stress response, enhancing alertness, and breathing. It also helps to balance hormone levels as it acts as phytoestrogens.


Jasmine and Vanilla oil, besides acting as an excellent agent in fighting infections, can also be used for its revitalizing effects. Its aroma lifts up your spirits and balances your emotional well-being. Our Massage oil is like a boon in treating dry, dehydrated skin. It has carminative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, giving relief from spasms & menstrual problems.


Seasame Oil, Soyabean Oil , Coconut Oil, Cotton seed Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Wheat germ Oil, Jasmine Oil, Almond Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil

How to Use

Use our massage oil to focus on soothing tense areas of the body. Gently massage the oil in circular motions. Try using this after a relaxing bath for the optimal spa experience at home or take it along with you to your massage therapist.

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