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Skin Elixir

Saffron Saffron Elixir by Tatha is hand-blended using an ancient Vedic formula, using 43 different plant extracts. Its unique properties can over a period of time help fix black spots, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and even dark circles. Dry, Flaky Skin is left dewy soft, luminous and evenly toned as pigmentation gently fades and fine lines diminish due to its moisturizing properties. We hope that you will embrace the beauty and purity of this precious elixir. *** Best used at night only after cleaning the skin with Tonka Beans Face Wash. Weight: 15 ml

Regular Price: ₹4,500.00

Special Price ₹4,200.00

Body Scrub

Red Clay, Sugar & Coffee A red clay body scrub blend with the finest essential oil known for uplifting the mind and creating a sense of well being. Red Clay, full of minerals with powerful qualities to draw out the toxins from the skin, enriched with Coffee Arabica powder a caffeine that nourishes and tones the skin, keeping it smooth and youthful. Loaded with Vitamin E, known since centuries for healing scars and blemishes rapidly, while making the skin youthful. Weight: 100 gm

Regular Price: ₹1,100.00

Special Price ₹1,000.00

Face scrub

Tonka Beans This mild face scrub with a deep cleansing formula buffs off dead and grime skin cells and ensures aide to the skin’s metabolism. It levels the pH of the skin and nourishes it with moisture. Made with refined ingredients, the face scrub prevents toxins from reversion. It controls excess oil production while sealing in the moisture using the aloe extracts in it. The scrub pacifies inflammation and soothes the skin. Weight: 100 ml
Price: ₹1,300.00

Rakhi Gift Box

The Box of Joy Gift your sibling a touch of skincare and nourishment with this curated hamper! This gift set contains a total of 4 products, handpicked to suit all skin types. - Face Scrub... A rich dry moisturiser - Face Wash... The Smooth Cleanser - Body Scrub... Skin so vibrant and youthful - Dry Body Oil... A mild deep cleansing formula Free Delivery in Four Days
Price: ₹4,000.00

Skin Illumination

Rose and Vanilla This unique emulsion combines the potent nutrients of age-old herbs, aloe-vera extracts, seabuckthorn oil, beeswax and Shea butter known to purify, lighten and brighten skin. These properties make the illumination particularly suited to sun damaged, lacklustre, acne scarred and pigmented skin types. Weight: 50 gm

Regular Price: ₹2,000.00

Special Price ₹1,900.00

Body Mousse

Chocolate A blend of herbs like Cocoa, Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Almond Butter can improve skin complexion, making it brighter and clearer. It is rich in antioxidants which helps repair and rejuvenate skin cells. The non-sticky formula helps you keep hydrated for 8-12 hours. Weight: 300 gm

Regular Price: ₹2,700.00

Special Price ₹2,600.00

Lip Balm

Vanilla A classic, creamy flavour with hints of mellow sweetness and fresh creamy goodness. The rich tree nut oils in Shea butter can soak into your skin, creating a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture. The irresistible vanilla extract helps to repair, nourish and protect dry lips, leaving it supple and soft. Weight: 15 gm

Regular Price: ₹550.00

Special Price ₹450.00

Face Serum - Anti Pigmentation

Green Tea Specifically works on the surface of your skin to remove dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation. It also clears skin, reduces discolouration, and gives a healthy and glowing skin tone, so that your skin looks the way it used to when you were born. Weight: 15 ml

Regular Price: ₹2,299.00

Special Price ₹2,100.00

Face Serum - Anti Ageing

Carrot Seed & Lavender Even toned, supple and radiant skin! Our anti-ageing serum has proven results for healing and clearing skin off wrinkles, to retain its youthful glow. Skin will become firmer and healthier in a few days of its application. Embrace the beauty and purity of this precious Serum. Weight: 15 ml

Regular Price: ₹2,200.00

Special Price ₹2,100.00

Hand Cream

White Lotus Enriched with organic Shea butter, this super-creamy hand cream absorbs quickly and locks the moisture in hands. Vitamin E, white lotus extracts and aloe-vera are blended with Kokum Butter to formulate this extremely effective formula. The affluent texture is carefully handcrafted to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and leaves no oily traces and can be applied as often as needed. Weight: 100 ml

Regular Price: ₹870.00

Special Price ₹770.00

Face Wash

Tonka Beans A remarkable Face Wash with unrivalled benefits for UV sun damage, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Tonka Bean Face Wash leaves skin feeling soft, outrageously smooth and smelling good enough to eat. Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,000.00

Special Price ₹900.00


Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Shampoo is a breakthrough 2-in-1 formula that moisturizes the locks and improves the appearance of hair from scalp to tip. Rejuvenating compounds present in honeysuckle can help improve dry or brittle hair, split ends and prevent hair-fall. Gives natural shine, bounce and fragrance to your hair! Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,200.00

Special Price ₹1,100.00


Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Conditioner is a nourishing formula which fortifies and improves the texture of hair. It stimulates hair follicle growth and cogently strengthens hair strands and roots, helping control hair fall. Dry and damaged hair is left strengthened and lustrous! Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,100.00

Special Price ₹900.00

Body Wash

Lime A Lime Body Wash, that cleanses and detoxifies the skin, brightens the complexion, fights the fine lines and pigmentation, and leaves your skin silkier & smoother than ever. It is carefully handcrafted to revitalize the skin and give it a natural radiant look. Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,300.00

Special Price ₹1,200.00

Massage Oil Lavanilla

Lavender and Vanilla Lavender Essential Oil and Vanilla Absolute help you calm, relieve and ensure a peaceful sleep. The sensual aroma helps relax nerves, ease tension, soothe your soul and lift your spirits. Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,300.00

Special Price ₹1,200.00

Massage Oil Jasnilla

Jasmine and Vanilla Luxurious & sensuous massage oil of jasmine and vanilla, in a base of Organic Almond & Seabuckthorn Oil, helps relax the mind and body. The combining properties of all the essential ingredients make it an expectorant, antispasmodic and meditative oil and is an excellent tool for producing long, comfortable, and peaceful sleep at night. Weight: 200 ml

Regular Price: ₹1,300.00

Special Price ₹1,200.00

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