Who Are We

Who Are We

A holistic skincare line that blends pure and natural ingredients extracted directly from nature with advanced technology to bring to you, the best and the most powerful of SKINCARE. Derived from the Sanskrit word "Tathastu" that means so be it or your wish is granted, Tatha is all about honouring nature's blessings -- eternal and valuable in every aspect. With a strong conviction in Clean Beauty, Gender Neutrality, and Complete Body Remedies, our premium products are subtle, rejuvenating and destined for everyone, irrespective of age and gender.


The Vedas believed that Mother Nature has the power to heal all ailments. Tatha embodies this philosophy and inculcates the principles of the ancient sage’s culture. Our mission is to harmonize the physical and spiritual energies through our products and cultivate synergies between our consumers and us. Tatha introduces aromatherapy to India in its purest form using natural elements that are safe and reliable alternatives to traditional medicines.



Divita Kanoria started Tatha, in the year 2009, to prove that beauty deserves the tenderness of nature and not the harshness of chemicals. A visionary who realized the power of plant-based healing, Divita is committed to utilizing her knowledge and skills to cure ailments such as insomnia, headaches, and allergies. Her journey from finding natural methods of healing to launching a world- class brand has been an unprecedented journey so far. Tatha, born almost ten years ago is now a brand that has an exhaustive range of wellness products for everyone, regardless of age and gender.